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Pete the Pizza Oven

As we all try to eat better as part of our New Year's resolution, we can't forget to try new things. We received a woodfire pizza oven for Christmas and absolutely LOVE the new flavor profile of our pies!

Homemade pizza is a staple on our menu. We vary the ingredients and utilize fresh or dried herbs from our garden, depending on the season, to create our own unique flavors. Up until now, we've used our kitchen oven and they've turned out pretty well. Being off grid, we have to be mindful of power availability and consumption. It's not difficult, but just something to be aware of before firing up too many appliances. The woodfire pizza oven is a GREAT option that not only doesn't require electricity, but will also help reduce the need to cook indoors during our hot and humid summer months. Our future plan is to add an outdoor kitchen, but until that is finished, we are making the most of our grill and now pizza oven.

On the back deck, overlooking the western horizon, the view is amazing! We'll fire up the oven and wait for it to reach the desired temperature. Once done, we've found that using two pizza stones help us regulate the temperature swings that come with adding/burning wood. I'm sure this extra safe-guard can be eliminated with practice, but for now, it's nice to know there's a bit of a buffer. Currently, we've only attempted pizza, but cookies are on the horizon for the near future!

The roaring oven can fluctuate temperatures quickly, especially when you are first learning. Watch the dial gage and don't wander off too far. Either the temperature will spike (and that decreases the time needed) or it will drop and your pizza will still be doughy. Embrace the downtime! Sit outside and enjoy the experience.

If at first you don't the toppings! (and have a Plan B). :-)

The chickens and goats didn't even want these burnt pies!

But at some point, you'll find what works for you! See the two different pizza stones? This helps buffer from extreme heat when new wood is added to the firebox.

Once you've mastered the process, the flavor is like no other! Keep at it and Bon Appetit!

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