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No More Baby Goats?

Yup! No more...for now. For the last few years, we've been trying to segregate the boys and girls to give us humans a break from the stress of having baby goats. Our gals are seasonal breeders and generally kid from January - April, although we had a set of surprise twins in June 2023 thanks to Pepe and Hoss sneaking away together sometime in January. As fun as it is to have babies, there's a lot of work that goes into the whole process. In the Fall 2023, we removed all intact boys from our property in the hopes that we are cutting the cycle...for a little while. We're not out of the woods yet. Goats have a 5-month gestation and while there shouldn't have been any hanky-panky, no guarantees. For now, we'll just enjoy our female herd plus the honorary male (Olaf, the fixed male).

Olaf decides he needs to help during the milling process. We make bundles of firewood starters and he thought he'd be helpful in chewing some of these down to size. To be fair, most are red oak and are considered a tasty treat. Don't worry...he was only allowed to have one before we ran him off to enjoy some other variety of brush, hay, and grain.

Here he is enjoying the last of the red oak sticker. Surprisingly, he ate the entire piece! He's such a loveable goof!

Pumpkins are such a wonderful winter treat for the goats and chickens! The pumpkin seeds are said to be a natural de-wormer for both, but I think they just enjoy eating something with a different texture and taste. When we have enough, we try to treat them at least once per week...especially during cold and/or wet times. Zoom in to look at Honey's lips. Isn't orange just her color? <hahaha>

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