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In Southern Indiana, the maple season usually lasts from mid-January until early March.  The season can fluctuate based off of not only daytime highs and nighttime lows, but weather events like rain, snow, and sunshine.  To make the most of our season, we have multiple areas we tap at a staggered interval to ensure we capture as much of the sap as we can efficiently process.

Early Season Sap

Lighter syrup is made in the earlier part of the season when the trees are just starting to move the sap up.  Runs don't last long in the early part of the season where nighttime temperatures must be below freezing and daytime temperatures rise above freezing with plenty of sunshine.  The syrup made at this time is lighter than later in the season and has a much more delicate maple taste.  Believe it or not, the sugar content in this syrup is the same that is found in the later, darker grades!  Lighter maple syrup are also preferred when making maple candy.

Later Season Sap

Darker maple syrup is usually made from late season sap and has a stronger flavor and a higher mineral content. Some people enjoy the stronger flavor, while other people prefer to use it for cooking or baking where less is required to impart the the delicious maple goodness.

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