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Excuse me, but are those tomatoes growing on your roof?!

Gardening in the middle of the forest is difficult. Not only does *everything* want to eat your plants, but the amount of sunlight that is filtered through the tree canopy is spotty. We tried clearing a small area for a garden, but we just created stronger trees with longer limbs to reach the sunny area. It became frustrating and unfeasible to continue. Luckily, a flat(-ish) roof allowed us to do some outside of the box thinking and we’ve now been gardening using containers and hydroponics on the rooftop for the last two years. Below are just some pictures and their captions to show the progress we’ve been making. We expand and grow a bit more each year, becoming more and more self sustainable.

Sugar snap peas growing in concrete mixing tub makes a yummy Spring snack.

Broccoli started in September using hydroponics.

Fall brassica results in far fewer bugs and worms!

Mogwai checking out some of the harvest. Herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers!

Cucumbers grow really well via hydroponics!

All those tomatoes will come ripe all at once! We process our tomatoes, peppers, and onions to make salsa and tomato sauce for use later in the year.

Who can resist a pot full of herbs!?! The salmon nasturtiums make the whole ensemble POP!


Cat mint growing in dirt. Bees and hummingbirds LOVE this plant! Hardy perennial!

Carrots growing in a pot! I think it's time to thin some of these!

No need to buy expensive pots if you can't afford it...anything can be made into a planter. Just remember to add drain holes. These were actually our first attempt at hydroponics (hence the plumbing parts), but they served better for dirt. Melons are planted in here. This plastic isn't great when exposed to UV, so it'll only last 2-3 years.

Baby peppers!

Broader view of rooftop garden towards the end of the season. Somethings were already done and I hadn't gotten around to cleaning just yet. The outdoor carpet allows our vining fruits and veggies to thrive on an otherwise extremely hot surface. None of this could be possible without the supervision from Panther.

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