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Every good farm has at least one...

...and we're lucky enough to have two!

Let's face it, life wouldn't be complete without a loyal helper. We lead busy lives and are pulled in so many different directions that having a constant; something that keeps us on the straight and narrow; centers us when life becomes hectic; provides unconditional love (well, some love, most of the time <grin>); and can be an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure security levels are sustained both night and day are required when running a farm.

Formal introductions are in order...

Meet Mogwai and Panther. Mogwai is a 6 year old black American shorthair Felis catus who resides indoors. Panther is a 5 year old black American shorthair Felis catus who patrols the entire property, ensuring all's well.

Unfortunately, they do not get along and both consider their territory to be off limits to the other.

Both cats come with a unique set of skills

temperaments that tolerate and love their humans with a mixed bag of emotions one would expect from a cat. Both, however, are fiercely loyal and enjoy their respective jobs. No one here is a, or find lodging elsewhere.

Scroll down to see more pictures of them as they work the farm.


Panther guards the rooftop garden... You forget to feed her once...

She was waiting for me on the hood of my

car after I fed all the other animals.

Watching out for anything bad coming from behind.

Why are humans outside when the white stuff is on the ground!?!?

We can't feed the goats and chickens without her help!

Getting some sage advice. I think this talk was a hunting lesson...

Overall, outdoor human helper and general security patrol officer.


Saving my human from...well...everything! I think there was something on your arm before it flew away. I'll get it next time!

Inspecting all groceries and other items brought into the house to ensure they are safe for consumption and storage.

Expert at putting on fitted sheets! thought you were going camping...without me? Is Panther going to be there?!

Primary recycling guru. No cardboard is safe!


Mic is not amused that I said she 'caught Covid'.

Spar (deceased) was convinced he was human and was never far way.

RIP Little Man

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