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2022 Maple Season is Done! and Goat Updates!

We've decided to end the 2022 maple season this weekend since the last spell of warm weather stopped the sap from running and while we're about to experience another few days of cold, followed by more 'ideal' sap run days, the maple trees are starting to bud out and the 10-day weather forecast looks to have warmer nights where sap may begin to spoil faster than we can process. For us, it's not worth the hassle of trying to eek out every last little bit from the forest. We'll be pulling the taps, flushing the lines and RO system, and putting everything away for another year. When it's all said and done, we'll have made about 15 gallons of syrup in 2022. It's not a great sap year for us, but not the worst, by far! So come and get some before it's all gone! We'll be selling at a local Farmer's Market this summer in addition to online.

I also wanted to give a quick update on our kids! Cinnamon has been a GREAT mom and does a wonderful job talking w/ her kids and showing them how to be good little goat members of the herd. As the youngest, they are chased away from some of the tastier grain treats as Honey and even Pepe' assert their elder roles over the youngin'. This is normal goat behavior and trust us, mom steps in if things go too far! These kiddos are now approaching 6 weeks old!

Can you tell that BOTH of Cinnamon's kids are in the tub with her? Honey and Cin are besties and hang out together constantly. Honey isn't too fond of the kids, but she'll tolerate them ok if they aren't in her way when it comes to food.

Pepe' loves people and while she's bigger and bossier than the young kids, she's still picked on by both Honey and Cinnamon. She's growing into her own and is still a love when she thinks you have some nice, tasty treats!

Hoss has been hanging by himself elsewhere on the property for a few weeks. We had some bad weather come in and his home up near that girls didn't provide adequate shelter for an extended cold and wet period. Unfortunately, he wasn't getting along with our wether (fixed boy) Olaf and so he's chillin' in solitary for now. Once the weather settles, we'll bring him back up so he can see his girlfriends (see, but NOT visit! hopefully). For now, he'll have to be content to play 'tag' with me in his yard when I come for a visit. He's a loveable goof!

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