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2021 Baby Goats

2021 gave us 7 baby goats spaced about 2 months apart. We had originally intended to do a weekly follow up as our kids grew up, but life got away from us and it didn't happen. Since we are also just a small hobby farm, we don't have the resources to house all these kids, along with their respective moms, so at 10-12 weeks of age, the little ones are put up for adoption. We decided to keep Frosty's girl and she joined our younger girls upstairs (away from any lustful boys).

Fran and Nan's kids, minus one who was more entertained by a human in the yard than potential grain treats.

Cousin's getting into trouble! The black and white one (Pepe') and all white one (male) are from Frosty and are about 6 weeks old in this picture. The brown one was from Princess and he's about two weeks old in this picture. Pepe' was kept from this batch of kids and moved upstairs to be with Cinnamon and Honey (1 year old at that time).

Close up of Pepe'. She looks like she has a reverse goatee (white stripe) down her chin.

Princess' young boy.

Princess being a good mom. Young man loves getting scritches.

Umm...Princess...that's not your boy, but thank you for letting him get a sip.

Such a love!

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