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Maple Syrup Tin (8.5oz)

Maple Syrup Tin (8.5oz)

100% pure maple syrup from Southern Indiana made the old-fashioned way over wood-fired evaporators. 


This dark and robust, with a slight smoky flavor, organic maple syrup is usually made from late season sap and has a stronger flavor and a higher mineral content. Some people enjoy the stronger flavor, while other people prefer to use it for cooking or baking where less is required to impart the the delicious maple goodness. Our syrup is: 

  • Organic 
  • Versatile 
  • Authentic 
  • Handmade 


Catching a 'run' (when the sap is flowing) requires patience and preparedness.  Runs don't last long in the early part of the season where nighttime temperatures must be below freezing and daytime temperatures rise above freezing with plenty of sunshine.  This trifecta can be difficult to obtain if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.  


Prior to opening, keep in a cool place and out of high temps and sunlight or freezer for long term storage.


Refrigerate after opening for best storage.

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