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Embossed Leaf, 100% Maple Syrup

Embossed Leaf, 100% Maple Syrup

100% pure maple syrup from Southern Indiana made the old-fashioned way over wood-fired evaporators. 


This dark and delicious, with a slight smoky flavor, organic maple syrup is just waiting to say 'hi'!  Its robustness makes it a friend to bakers, cooks, foodies, and anyone looking for a strong and maple option.  Our syrup is: 

  • Organic 
  • Versatile 
  • Authentic 
  • Handmade 

Dark syrup is made in the mid to later part of the season, when the nights are still cold but the daytime temperatures really begin to warm.  The syrup made at this time is darker than earlier in the year and has a much stronger maple taste.  Believe it or not, the sugar content in this syrup is the same that is found in the earlier, lighter grades.


Prior to opening, keep in a cool place and out of high temps and sunlight or freezer for long term storage.


Refrigerate after opening for best storage.


Whenever possible, we ship using USPS flat rate boxes, however due to the fragility of our glass bottles, additional packaging material is required and will increase costs.

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