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Meet the Herd!

Our hobby farm has evolved over the years and in 2010, we decided to try our hand at raising goats! I’m happy to say that while our original two are no longer at the Ranch, we’ve expanded our herd to 3 boys and 6 girls! Goats are becoming more popular additions to farms across the United States due to their smaller size (think, less feed requirements) and ability to provide milk, meat, and/or fiber, depending on the breed. Our goats are primarily pets and weed control, but we do sell a few on occasion. Come and meet the herd!


Mickey (born 2018)

Mickey is our latest herd sire and is park Kiko (check out those horns!) and Myotonic (Tennessee Fainter). He is gentle and laid back, and really loves the ladies.

Olaf (born 2018)

Olaf is an angora goat whose fleece is utilized by our fiber specialist. He is a wether (fixed male) and does a good job as a companion to the ladies as well as a mentor/babysitter to our younger kids. He enjoys being around people and will follow us around like a puppy.

Hoss (born 2020)

Hoss is a one year old intact male and the son of Mickey—can you tell they look alike? He will become our next herd sire for the girls he’s not related to. He is super friendly and talkative and we love his personality!


Our Breeding/Mature Does (more than 2 years old)



Fran (born 2013)

Fran came to us from Georgia with her sister Nan. While we tried breeding her in the past, her maternal instincts are not where we’d like them to be, however she makes and excellent herd queen and her overall personality is awesome!

Nan (born 2013)

Nan came to us from Georgia with her sister Fran. She is more shy and reserved than our other goats, but makes a great mama.

Princess (born 2016)

Talk about an amazing, food motivated, goat! She is a sweetheart and a fantastic mom who will adopt other kids, if needed.

Frosty (born 2018)

Frosty is the daughter of Princess and her personality very closely matches her mom. We just started breeding her. Look who just became a mom (2/16/2021)!! More goat kid information coming in the next few days/weeks as our kidding season has just begun!

Our Younger Does (less than 2 years old)



Cinnamon (born 2020)

Cinnamon is the daughter of Princess and half sister of Frosty. She’s just a love! With springs on her feet, she and Honey follow us around as we do various tasks outside. She’s a bit more reserved than Honey, but a lot more food motivated!

Honey (born 2020)

Honey is the daughter of Nan and looks like her too. She’s an adventurous gal who wants to check out everything! With springs on her feet, she and Cinnamon follow us around as we do various tasks outside. She’s a bit more outgoing than Cinnamon, but no less sweet.

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